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Thank you for your support of the Archaeological Exploration of Sardis/Harvard Art Museums.   

Your support is integral to the discoveries made by the international community of students, scholars, and specialists (anthropologists, archaeobotanists, archaeologists, architects, art historians, classicists, conservators, engineers, epigraphers, excavators,  geophysicists, historians, illustrators, numismatists, photographers, recorders,  and researchers) involved in Sardis. Thanks to your generosity the program of research, site preservation, conservation, publication, and training of future scholars continues to grow and bear fruit as we gain a deeper understanding of the Lydians and their capital city. 
If you encounter difficulties giving online, please contact the Sardis office, at 617-495-3940, or via email at am_sardis@harvard.edu (Please do not send credit card numbers by email.)     

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